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دردشة حية مع الموظفين لدينا دعم التكنولوجيا.

The chat is also translated into a wide variety of languages for the convenience of our international travelers.

Where can I access the WiFi service?

The airport WiFi system is available in most public areas of the airport.

What is the SSID to connect to network?

The SSID to connect to the is different in each of our locations. The list is as follows:

Boston Logan International



Buffalo Niagara Int'l Aiport



Burbank Bob Hope Airport



Baltimore Washington Marshall Int'l



Indianapolis International



Los Angeles Int'l Airport



Miami Int'l Airport



Minneapolis St Paul Int'l Airport



Oakland Int'l Airport



Omaha Eppley Field



T F Green Providence



The Shops at Prudential Center



San Diego Int'l Airport



San Francisco



Sacramento Int'l Airport



Orange County John Wayne Airport



How do I connect to the airport network?

To connect to the network, first enable your WiFi network card in your computer, right click the computer icon in the notification area and select view available wireless networks, from here please select the appropriate WiFi network and click connect. Once you have connected, open a web browser and you should see the airport page. If you do not see the airport page, try connecting to

Using my email client I can receive my email fine, but I am having problems sending email. Are there settings I need to change?

If when using your email client you can receive email, but cannot send email, you probably need to contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to obtain a secure outgoing mail (SMTP) connection. To help minimize SPAM email, most ISP's do not allow users from other networks to connect to their outgoing mail servers without a secure, authenticated connection. Some also use alternate ports to prevent SPAM – contact your ISP for info on supported posts for sending and receiving.

It may be that your account is already enabled for a secure connection. If so, you can probably configure your email client to use authentication when connecting to your outgoing mail server. Typically, the authentication username and password is the same as your incoming mail server username and password.

If you still cannot send email after modifying your outgoing mail server settings, please contact your ISP for assistance.

I want to use my cellular data plan and the page comes up.

Many phones and mobile devices default to WiFi for data connections. Some allow the user to define the order that connections are used in. Some phones have a checkbox for automatic association to WiFi networks. Either disable WiFi, or "forget" our network to prevent automatic association.

I use Instagram (or another app) and even when I'm not at the airport, the page comes up

This is a known bug at Instagram (and other app providers) which caches pages. The recommended fix from Instagram is to delete the app, and re-install it. According to Instagram, you will not lose your data. If your problem is not with Instagram, please check with the app provider.

I was logged in and somehow got disconnected. How can I log back in?

Our systems are setup to automatically log users back in if they have time remaining in the session. In some cases we depend on cookies to identify the device and session.

If the cookie is available, the system should log you in immediately, but if not, there should be a re-login blink displayed on the right side of the navigation bar.

In the event the session cookie gets deleted (by browser settings) or cannot be read, you may need to go through the process again. If this was a paid session, duplicate transactions are deleted before processing. If it was a sponsored session, please go through the sponsor message again to re-establish Internet access.

What data speeds should I expect?

AWG offers different speeds depending on the airport and available capacity of the network. Some of our locations were designed and built by AWG – other locations were built and powered by the airport. In general, AWG tries to provide no less than 750kbps and in of our most large airports sponsored session speeds are throttled at 1.5mbps. For paid sessions, the speed is typically a minimum of 3 times the free speed, however, the load on WiFi networks in airports varies greatly with the number peak users when flights are connecting. AWG utilizes all available resources to try to provide a good user experience. 

Who do I contact for more assistance?

If, after troubleshooting your connection to the Wi-Fi network you are still having problems, please call our WiFi helpdesk at 877-AWG-WiFi (877)-294-9434.